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Leadferno is powering businesses to create conversations and close more leads faster with omni-channel messaging. We help you move at the new speed of business communication, combining SMS and messaging tools from the internet’s biggest platforms.

Helping you win right now with business messaging

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Good business depends on great conversations, but email and other forms of business communication are stuck. They’re slow, disjointed, and not the way that consumers want to interact.

At Leadferno, we’re changing that. Our team is working to give your business faster, better, and more delightful communication.

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Our story: Working with a small business should be easy

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During a recent Minnesota summer, our co-founder Aaron Weiche was considering buying a new boat. He exchanged emails with a local dealership over four days just to get a price quote. Each email wasted time: the whole exchange could have taken 15 minutes over text, but it took 96 hours over email. He didn’t buy that boat.

Trying to buy from a small business shouldn’t be a massive effort.

With decades of experience designing websites, marketing, and working with small businesses, he knew he could improve things. Buying from a small business should be quick and seamless. That snail’s-pace quote inspired him to make communication better through messaging.

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Having the adventure the right way

See the guiding core values that fires our team passion.


Do right

We won't compromise on integrity for any reason. The heart of this company, its product, and its mission is serving customers.


Focus on our purpose

We care about solving real problems for small businesses. We're driven to improve how businesses communicate with their customers.


Find new paths

We can find new ideas and solutions while rising up to challenges and innovating at every level of the business. We build with intention so our customers can grow fast.


Learn from everything

We learn from our successes and our failures. As learners, we recognize that lessons which seem trivial now could become breakthroughs tomorrow.

raise the bar

Raise the bar

We're proud when we win, but we stay humble and hungry. We're obsessed with the quality of every customer interaction, line of code, and product decision.


An experienced and energetic team

Our combination of software, digital marketing and sales experience guides Leadferno.

Aaron Weiche Leadferno
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Aaron is a digital addict and loves using tech to solve problems. He’s led companies like GatherUp, Spyder Trap and Five Technology.

Aaron also enjoys snowboarding, boating, sports, travel and his family of 6.

Aaron Weiche
Co-founder / CEO
Joel Headley
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Joel is the spark for the product and engineering team. His robust history includes management at PatientPop and Google.

Joel enjoys music, travel, math and his kids.

Joel Headley
Co-founder / CPO
Barb Vanags
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Barb has been a financial leader for multiple successful tech start-ups. Experienced in planning, scaling and acquisitions.

Barb loves to hike, bike and taste test any winery.

Barb Vanags
Jeff Wagner
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Jeff is a talented digital experience designer creating apps and websites for 15+ years. Jeff leads all things pixel perfect at Leadferno.

Jeff might be golfing right now or with his wife and two boys.

Jeff Wagner
Mike Blumenthal
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Mike is well known as the worlds leading expert on local digital marketing. He co-founded GatherUp, LocalU, NearMedia and is a sought after presenter.

Mike gardens, bikes and loves his family time.

Mike Blumenthal