Powerful Business Messaging Features

Over 75% of prospects and customers want to text a business. Leadferno brings together features for conversion widgets, SMS, MMS, messaging apps, contacts, lead reporting and more from one shared inbox. Supercharge your business to close more leads faster.

SMS / Text

2-way texting with customers

Enable your business to unlock SMS as a communication channel. Delight your prospects and customers with fast, efficient and actionable text messaging.

text message appointment


Send text messages, photos, emojis and links

text message appointment

Text Enable Landlines

Port your existing number to accept SMS

text message appointment

Secure, Reliable, Better

Stop having employees text from their own number

text message appointment

Text over chat

Texting is easier for your customers and your team

text message appointment text message appointment text message appointment text message appointment background image


Convert website visitors to SMS and real time leads

It’s quick and easy to install the Leadbox, a powerful web to text widget, on your website to power messaging conversations and other main calls to action.

website SMS widget

Beautiful & Branded

The Leadbox displays with your logo and brand colors.

All Your Contact Options

Deploy SMS, click to call, email, scheduling and more.

appointments by text

Quick Conversion

Prospects go from browsing to texting with you in seconds.

Auto Replies

Set your hours for auto replies for when you're open or away.

website SMS widget appointments by text background image


All of your messaging channels in one place

Maximize your team’s communication and time with our omni-channel inbox. SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, and Google Business Messages. All in one shared inbox packed with features.

text message inbox

Your Real Time Inbox

Move at 60x the speed of email to win more customers.

text message inbox

Centralized Messaging

Read and reply to all of your messaging channels.

text message inbox


Save frequent replies for quick responses.

text message inbox

Transfer Conversations

Move and assign conversations from one user to another.

text message inbox text message inbox text message inbox text message inbox background image


Track and report your leads across messaging channels

Our Lead Capture report helps you measure leads, engagement and actions with your top website conversions, text messages, messaging channels and more.

lead report

Lead Tracking

Track and report your messaging leads across channels.

lead report

Conversion Funnel

See where leads start, engage and convert.

lead source report

Website Source

Learn what web pages produce visitor actions and leads.

lead report

Google Analytics

Track your Leadbox events in Google Analytics.

lead report lead report lead source report lead report background image


Build valuable SMS and messaging contact lists

Build your owned audience with a better customer list. A lightweight CRM to capture and manage your customer's contact, mobile number, conversation outcomes and more.

SMS contacts


Capture customer info right from the start.

SMS contacts

Segmented Lists

Organize contacts into lists for targeted marketing.

SMS contacts

Conversation History

View your conversation history with prospects and customers.

SMS contacts

Owned Audience

Build and grow your marketing lists and mobile.

SMS contacts SMS contacts SMS contacts SMS contacts background image

More Features

The tools you need to win more business

Leverage our features for valuable messaging conversations with your prospects and customers. Best of all, we are always building new features into the solution.

profiles locationsProfiles

Manage multiple business locations or departments in one account.

scheduled messagesSchedule messages

Creates messages and schedule the day and time to send them.


Centralize your contacts and messaging in our app, not on your employees phones.

users teamsUser Management

Add and manage your team roles and permissions.


Use Zapier or our API to connect and automate with CRMs and more. Learn more


Get alerted to new leads and new message replies.

Start messaging in minutes!

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