Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition By Texting

Offering 2-way text messaging is a great way to stand out from your competitors and delight your customers.

By: Aaron Weiche - Aug 10
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The end goal of your marketing efforts is to be seen, draw attention and have a potential customer choose you. Making this challenge even more difficult is that your competitors are after the same thing. Everyday it gets harder to differentiate your business from the next business in established areas like delivery, service and pricing.

What’s something that can help you stand out right now? Texting with your customers might be the best and easiest move to differentiate your business to win more customers right now.

Consumers want to text with your business

If you are looking for a great opportunity to stand out, adding text messaging as a communication channel is a great option. While 78% of consumers want to text with a business, only 13% of small businesses are texting with their customers. That’s quite a gap and a big opportunity to meet customer desires while your competition falls short.

Offering SMS as a 2-way communication channel is a differentiator that will make your customers happy and improve your sales and service when done right.

Be an early adopter

The growth of text messaging for businesses has started and being on the front of this wave has big benefits. It makes your business easier to communicate with, supports a great customer experience and shows your brand is customer focused.

early wave adopter
Be the first of your competitors to adopt new communication waves like texting.

Stay on the sideline by not catching the early wave and in the not too distant future texting will be an expectation. The opportunity to leverage it as a differentiator and be an early leader will be lost. Start 2-way texting now and you’ll be an established pro with a reputation for great communication by the time your competitors get in the game as a complete rookie.

It’s not a far stretch of the mind to think that being able to text any business you want to work with in 3 to 5 years might be an expectation, not a bonus. If you want the biggest benefits and separation from offering text messaging, act now.

Market that you offer text messaging

Drawing attention that you offer texting for ease of communication is a must. Make sure your calls to action (CTA) for texting on your website are prominent and clear. It’s why we created our Leadbox (web to text) to be an always visible CTA that website visitors can’t miss to know you offer texting.

text with us CTA

Additional marketing opportunities exist in all of your current marketing efforts. A few ideas to explore and execute on are:

  • Adding “Text us” to your existing print marketing, brochures and business cards
  • Create social media posts that you offer texting as a communication channel
  • Add “text with us” call to actions on promotional products like pens, mugs, notebooks, etc.
  • Showcase texting as an easy way to get a free quote, set an appointment or get answers

The example below is how one Leadferno customer has used Facebook posts to make customers aware they can now text with their business.

text our business facebook posts

Stand out to win

Offering better communication using text messaging is a great way to differentiate your business. Once you get started with texting make sure you are marketing it as a benefit and differentiator to your customers and prospects.

Getting started now will allow your business to mature its processes and culture around great communication allowing you to dominate your market.

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