Business Texting Number Options & Verification

Learn the options for business texting numbers with Leadferno and the new verification processes for SMS numbers.

By: Aaron Weiche - Apr 17
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texting number options for business

Communicating with prospects and customers using text messaging is a powerful channel. The popularity and benefits of SMS have businesses adding texting to their communication options rapidly. If you are getting started with 2-way texting for a business you might be wondering what number your business can text from and how to get started.

We’ll cover the main types of numbers you can use for texting and outline the number verification process that mobile carriers and the FCC are now requiring.

What type of numbers can a business text from?

Leadferno offers three different types of phone numbers your account can be connected with for texting.

1- Toll-free numbers

As you sign-up and create your Leadferno account we automatically assign you a toll-free number to text with. These number’s area codes are 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. These numbers are commonly used for business texting.

toll-free texting number

Toll-free numbers are included on all Leadferno plans and do need to go through the newly created verification process. You can learn more about toll-free verification below.

2- 10 digit local numbers (10DLC)

A 10-digit local number (10DLC) is a normal local phone number using a local area code. The difference from a regular phone number is that these phone numbers are approved for A2P messaging (application to person) messaging with a platform like Leadferno.

10DLC numbers are an option in Leadferno’s Premium Plan and up and can be set up for you once your account is created. 10DLC numbers also need to go through a verification and approved sender process that Leadferno handles for you which is outlined below.

3- Landline numbers

If your business has an existing landline phone number, that landline number may be available for texting. Leadferno provides hosted messaging to allow SMS and MMS over your phone number while all of your voice call services remain the same. After a look-up to confirm your carrier allows hosted messaging Leadferno can connect your landline to your texting inbox.

The benefit of hosted messaging for your landline number is you can provide and market one number to handle all voice and texting communication. This makes marketing and communication easier for your customers and staff.

landline texting
Using a landline for business texting has marketing benefits

Hosted messaging is available in Leadferno’s Premium Plan. Your landline number does need to go through the 10DLC verification process.

What about Short Codes?

Short codes are 5 to 6-digit numbers used for mass texting. Short code fees start at $500-$1,000 per month for a number and usage fees can take that cost even higher. While these costs are acceptable for large brands, it’s not within the budget for most smaller businesses to use. Due to these high fees and other options available, Leadferno does not offer short codes for texting.

Making any text number easy

Cell phones and smartphones have greatly changed our expectations and behaviors with phone numbers. Where we once remembered all of our important phone numbers, our contacts now store them for us, often not even knowing any part of the number.

With this change, the number you text from is less important but being in your prospect’s or customer’s phone contacts is super important.

This makes your business known when you call or text and makes referring you to others simple. With so many robocalls, spam calls, and spam texts, being a known contact gets your communication through.

Because of this, Leadferno automatically creates a contact card that we prompt your customers with when they contact you via the Leadbox on your website. Leadferno is the only platform with this Add to Contacts feature and our goal is to get you in their contacts.

contact card
Leadferno Add to Contacts feature

SMS verification for your number

As business texting is growing quickly, mobile carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others) have now created processes to verify and register SMS numbers. The goal is to provide regulation and reduce spam.

Verification of your toll-free and 10DLC numbers provides smoother message delivery and helps your messages be delivered on time. Each carrier handles text messages from “unverified” numbers differently but can include reduced delivery, filtering, and blocking of messages.

Each number type has a little different process, but Leadferno handles the verification process for you using the information you provide upon our request.

Toll-free verification for texting

Once your Leadferno account is created and we have assigned your toll-free texting number we submit your number for verification. The verification process is handled by a 3rd-party and Leadferno has no control over the process or timing. We currently see toll-free numbers verified in a 3 to 6 week time frame.

Texting is able to take place while the number is “pending” (received) in the verification process in the US.

Canada’s carriers are stricter and block text messages from numbers completely until they are fully verified. Leadferno will reach out to you with options once you create an account to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

10DLC registration for texting

Local numbers and landlines are 10DLC numbers and have their own registration process for approval. Once you have selected a 10DLC number or approved hosted messaging of your landline Leadferno will send you an online form to complete. We then submit the information and manage the registration and verification process for you.

10DLC registration currently takes 2 to 4 weeks for verification but numbers can be used while pending approval.

Get a number, get verified, get texting

Our number options and verification assistance make getting started with business texting fast and easy for you. The SMS industry continues to evolve with its increased use (and misuse) from the FCC to mobile carriers to platforms like Leadferno.

You can trust us to be the business texting partner you need to be successful and compliant with your valuable use of SMS with customers.


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