Integrate and Automate Leadferno Using Zapier

Leadferno is now included as one of over 3,000 apps on Zapier. Create "no code" automations and workflows between Leadferno and popular software like Salesforce, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, and Slack.

By: Aaron Weiche - Dec 16
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Leadferno zapier app

Connecting the leads, contacts and text messaging conversations you are having with prospects and customers in Leadferno to the other software apps you use just got easy. Leadferno is now part of the Zapier app offering, allowing you to connect your messaging and contacts to over 3,000 popular software solutions.

Integrating with your CRM, email marketing, accounting, scheduling, or project management software to create automated workflows without coding is all possible.

NOTE: Leadferno is currently in BETA with Zapier and you will need to email us to get an invite to connect to the Leadferno app in your Zapier account. Email your request to:

About Zapier

If you are unfamiliar with Zapier (rhymes with “happier”), it’s a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps without the need for code. When an event occurs in one app that’s a trigger, Zapier can tell another app to perform a specific action because of that trigger.

Creating an account with Zapier gives you the ability to create simple or complex automations between multiple software solutions saving you time and money. Best of all, these workflows are created without you needed to know or write any code.

Zapier example
A sample Zapier connection, called a Zap, connecting Facebook to Gmail to Slack.

The connections you create are called a “Zap”. Let’s explore some of the uses cases and Zaps you can create to get you started on some ideas.

Ways To Use Zapier & Leadferno Together

The possible uses cases for connecting Leadferno to other software apps is nearly endless, but let’s look at some likely Zaps you would want to create. The Leadferno app has four triggers and five actions to build your Zaps with.

Leadferno Zapier app

New Leadferno Lead Added To Your CRM

Many businesses operate from the heart of their CRM (Customer Relationship Management). If a contact or lead doesn’t hit their Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive or Monday account then it doesn’t exist. With Zapier you can make that happen.

Using Zapier, you can automate new leads and contacts being added to your CRM. This allows your CRM to be the centralized source of sales and customer data. With over 600 CRMs having an app in Zapier, it’s very likely you are ready to connect Leadferno to your CRM.

📲  Ready to add text messaging with clients? AND keep data flowing to your CRM? Try Leadferno today and automate with Zapier.

Add A Leadferno Contact From Other Contact Forms

Your website likely has a form or two or more on it. A general contact form, lead form, or estimate form. If you are using form software like Gravity Forms, Typeform, or Google Forms you can automate the info submitted into Leadferno and create a contact.

You can also create a more elaborate Zap with a form by using it in your lead capture process. We have already worked with a few of our customers that have used their Auto Replies to move the lead to a short online form to capture valuable lead information. The answers to this form are then brought back into the Leadferno conversation thread by Zapier making Leadferno a centralized source to work and communicate from.

These are the types of automations that can really get your mind going on the efficiency possibilities.

Add A “Won” Lead To An Email Marketing List

A conversation thread in Leadferno can be closed with an outcome marked. Won, Lost or Other are your options and a great way to automate successful conversations is to add them to a Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Active Campaign list for future email messages.

Instead of having to key in a new contact in your Mailchimp lists it can automatically update from your conversation in Leadferno being marked as won.

Send An Email, Text, or Notification From New Messages In Leadferno

Even though we have a number of notification types built into Leadferno, you might have a workflow or preference to knowing about new messages. Using Zapier you can create a Zap that might send you an email, a text message or a Slack notification when you get a new lead or message in Leadferno.

This type of flexibility allows you to adapt Leadferno to your existing processes with ease. Our examples outline just the connection of two apps, but Zapier’s plans allow for multi-step apps that allow you to connect three, four or more apps for some amazing processes.

Examples Of Leadferno Zap Templates

With Zapier being the leading no-code integration tool for years, they have figured out some pretty smart ways to make creating Zaps even easier. One of those is their Zap Templates which can be found on our Zapier page and that I have embedded below.

These Zaps are ready to use and by selecting one you can build your first Zaps easily.

Unlock Automation For Your Business

We’ve outlined a lot of the basic information regarding Zapier and Leadferno. We should point out that Zapier is a paid platform itself and you will need an account to get started. While they do have a free plan, their paid plans start at just $20/month and the combination of features and time you save will make you very happy.

Once you master the basics with Zapier you can unlock a ton of next-level tools they offer to automate your business. Some of these are:

Now Go And Automate Leadferno

We hope you are as excited as we are for the endless integration and automation options that Leadferno’s Zapier app provides. Our team is here to answer any questions or help you get started with Zapier and Leadferno so please reach out. We’d also love to hear about the Zaps you create.


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