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Communication in real estate is key. See why texting for Realtors is a communication super tool for helping your clients buy and sell their home.

By: Aaron Weiche - Apr 18
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Real estate is a communication and relationship driven industry. On top of that, real estate moves fast, making it the perfect fit for Realtors to utilize text messaging to land more leads, appointments, listings and closings.

I personally had a front row seat to of this as my wife has a high-performing Realtor for over 15 years. Most real estate agents have already been using texting as their top communication channel for a while, but true business texting software gives you so much more efficiency, tools and security. This holds even more true for real estate teams that need to share and protect information.

Realtor Cari McGee, who is a Leadferno customer, shared “Years ago I was at a Brokers Open and a couple of us mentioned texting with our clients. It was not nearly as commonplace then as it is now. I saw the immediacy and accessibility of text.”

Let’s look at how communication, process and relationships in real estate are made better with texting.

Capture More Prospects With Text

Making it as easy possible for prospects to ask you questions is a must. When someone has a question on your listing, no matter how small, you want them to ask. Being able to ask those questions by texting you right from your website is as easy as it gets.

Using a web-to-text widget like our Leadbox makes connecting by SMS from your website simple. Displaying a call to action that let’s web visitors know they can text you is likely the lowest barrier to establishing communication you can offer.

“I enjoy the immediacy and accessibility of it. Texting is non-threatening, people have phone fear nowadays. Leadferno is fast, and answers come quickly, so the owner-lead conversation can progress at a faster pace than, say, email questions.” offered McGee when asked about using Leadferno on her website.

texting realtor leads
BTW – 😍 Love this call to action of “We’re a text away!”

In addition to text messaging, the Leadbox allows you to market other calls to action like calling you, emailing you, joining your newsletter, booking an appointment and more. Websites that convert visitors to leads excel at making next steps obvious and easy.

If your website offers MLS listings for your area we’ll tell you what page, listing or photo your text lead is asking about.

real estate lead

Schedule Showings By Text

When prospects are interested in specific properties, scheduling their showings is smooth and fast via text. Being able to answer questions on a specific property or on the types or properties they are interested in gets them closer to working with you to see them and finding the right one to right an offer on.

Capturing buyers can be tricky at first, but by using text messaging for faster and easier communication you can stand out from other agents they might be talking to.

Book Listing Appointments

Capturing listing appointments is maybe the most important part of your business plan. Text messaging can help you answer a prospects initial questions on your process, experience and expertise to get a face to face meeting to sell their home.

Booking listing appointments over text or by using a scheduling tool like Calendly can be seamless for your prospect. Showing your exceptional communication skills and style can also go a long way to earning their trust and confidence to get the listing.

Real Estate Process Reminders

When your clients are selling their home it’s often one more thing on top of a very busy life. Being able to send them reminders for the multiple events or steps in their real estate process can be extremely helpeful.

Open House & Showing Reminders

SMS reminders for showings and open house dates and times can make your client’s life a lot easier. Whether it’s their home being shown or a listing you are showing them, a text reminder can keep everyone updated and on time.

real estate text reminder

Inspection & Closing Reminders

As a real estate transaction comes together and moves towards closing there can be many steps to complete. Home inspections, work orders, final walk throughs and the closing are all part of the process that will only be made better with reminders and clear communication.

After the close there can even be items for the buyers or sellers to complete or look into that sending a text in the days to follow will be a big help and make them value your customer service even more.

Write it now, text it later

Our scheduled messages is a great feature that makes your work load easier for reminders or process updates. For example, when you schedule a final inspection you can then add scheduled text messages to your client giving them a reminder for the inspection hours before it. You can even scheduled to send a second reminder an hour before.

scheduled text reminder

You don’t have to remember to send it that day and your clients get a couple of easy reminders for their inspection and when you will meet them.

Awesome Communication Is The Customer Experience

It’s impossible to be “too good” at communication with your clients. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Texting with your clients on top of your calls, meetings and emails can make a big difference in how they feel about your communication with them.

With a customer experience focused on great communication not only will you accomplish their desired outcome, you increase your chances for repeat and referral business.

5 star realtor review

In any type of business it’s often the little things that separate great from good. Using text messaging in your communication with clients can easily be that little thing with a huge impact.

Ask For Referrals Or Reviews

Once the closing has happened and your clients have moved and started to settle in to their next step, use a follow-up text for referrals or review requests.

Sending a text in the days or a week after closing allows you to make sure everything with their move has gone well, ask for feedback on your services and request a review on Google, Zillow, Facebook or other important review sites to your business.

google review request

Real Estate Teams – 🔒 Data & Client Security Is A Must

If you have built or are part of a real estate team, using a business texting platform is a must. Centralizing and controlling your customer data and communication is incredibly important.

As Realtors, support staff and other team members might change over time, you don’t want their personal phones being the source of the client’s interactions and information. You need to make sure you can access and retain this communication for many reasons. If you are a Broker or lead a real estate team, you need to look at a texting solution that allows for:

  • User management
  • Client data and contact management
  • Communication history – that can’t be deleted
  • Action history – transferred conversations, status, etc.

Leadferno gives you a business texting platform to power modern messaging communication with more security and controls.

Get Started Texting In Real Estate

We’ve shared some of the main factors for why you should be using business text messaging for real estate. Sign-up for Leadferno’s 14-day free trial to get started or request a demo to learn more on how text messaging for insurance agents and agencies can grow your book of business.


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