The Power of Questions and SMS in the Buying Process

Questions, whether asked by the customer or the business, are the compass guiding the buying journey. Using SMS to answer and ask questions is the right combination for more sales.

By: Aaron Weiche - Sep 7
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The modern consumer’s buying journey is more complex than ever before. With almost endless information at their fingertips, consumers are often overwhelmed and seek clarity before making a purchase.

They also seek the easiest path to getting answers.

This is where the art of asking and answering questions comes into play. By understanding the pivotal role of questions in the buying process, businesses can not only engage potential customers more effectively but also guide them towards a positive purchase decision.

SMS is the perfect tool to market your business as easy to communicate with for questions – getting answers easy and fast. SMS powers communication to make a decision to buy.

The Psychology Behind Questions

At our core, we are all innately curious creatures. From the time we are children, we incessantly ask ‘why’ and ‘how’. This desire for understanding doesn’t wane as we grow older.

This makes it simple to understand that a brands ability to answer a prospects questions quickly and easily greatly influences their buying decision.

Questions help potential customers frame and understand the value proposition of a product or service. By seeking answers, they are actively trying to ascertain if the offering aligns with their needs and desires, covers important details, and ultimately delivers on their expectations.

With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, it’s easy to research a purchase via websites, reviews, videos and more. Yet many consumers will still have one, two, or maybe more questions highlight specific to their curiosity or needs to finalize their decision.

Questions as a Tool for Engagement

Every marketer knows that an engaged customer is more likely to convert. But how do you keep a potential customer engaged? The answer: Pose the right questions.

By asking relevant and thought-provoking questions, businesses can spark interest and sustain engagement. Combine the right questions with attentive timing to response, and you have the tools to close more leads.

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In the era of digital communication, text messaging provides an excellent platform for quick, back-and-forth dialogue. With consumer surveys showing that texting is the most desired communication channel, it’s an undeniably powerful choice for real-time engagement.

When engaging over text messaging, you can keep the conversation going by asking questions that help you in your sales process.

Honing your craft of text conversation will help you consistently provide answers, but move the conversation to a next step with a question. Even if it’s a simple yes or no question.

Questions Identify Customer Pain Points

Questions are the key to uncovering the real challenges or problems customers face. By understanding these pain points, businesses can craft tailor-made solutions, ensuring the product or service fits the customer’s needs like a glove.

The type of questions the prospect asks can cue you into the keys to their decision. It might be pricing, timing, security, outcome, or another factor. But their questions, along with what you ask them after answering their questions, can identify and address their paint points to enable a purchase.

Building Trust and Credibility

Trust is the bedrock of any successful business relationship. When businesses answer questions transparently and knowledgeably, they establish a foundation of trust. 71% of consumers say they’re unlikely to buy if a company loses their trust.

And with text messaging, businesses can provide instant, clear, and concise answers, further solidifying this trust.

Asking The Right Questions Is Your Ultimate Sales Weapon

Overcoming Objections

Every customer comes with a unique set of concerns or barriers to purchase. With the right questions, businesses can preemptively address these issues. Text messaging allows for a direct and personal channel to dispel doubts, making the customer feel valued and understood.

Personalizing the Sales Experience

In today’s market, personalization is not just a luxury—it’s an expectation. When businesses tailor their approach based on customer responses, they enhance the sales experience.

A simple text message asking for preferences can lead to a curated product recommendation, amplifying the likelihood of conversion.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

The importance of questions doesn’t end at purchase. By seeking feedback through questions after a sale, businesses can garner invaluable insights. This feedback loop, facilitated seamlessly through text messaging, is pivotal for refining product offerings and elevating customer service.

SMS has proven to be a fantastic tool for requesting online reviews, especially when you have already been texting throughout the customer’s experience.

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Questions Move The Conversation Forward

Questions can be strategically used to engage, learn and move the sales process to your desired goal.

SMS sales questions

A key to text conversations is to answer their question or provide the needed information, but then include your next question at the end. By asking a question at almost every step, you keep the prospect engaged and the conversation moving.

Questions Power Your Sales Process To Closing Deals

Questions, whether asked by the customer or the business, are the compass guiding the buying journey.

In a landscape where consumers value engagement, transparency, and personalization, integrating a question-driven approach is non-negotiable. And with tools like text messaging, businesses have a potent ally in this quest for customer-centricity.

Evaluate your current sales process. Does it harness the power of questions? Are you using SMS to expand your communication channels and efficiency?

In the digital age, where instant communication is paramount, consider incorporating text messaging to foster a culture of curiosity and open dialogue. After all, the right question can unlock a world of possibilities and plenty of closed deals.

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