Case Study: Law Firm Increases Website Leads By 46.3%

Learn how Leadferno helped criminal defense firm Moses & Rooth boost conversion, website leads, and improve their lead management.

By: Aaron Weiche - May 22
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Attorneys Jay Rooth and Andrew Moses

Leveraging the immediacy and ease of text messaging, a criminal defense law firm has enhanced lead generation and deepened their connections with prospects.

This case study shows how conversion, powered by text messaging, became a game-changer for the criminal defense law firm of Moses & Rooth to increase their website leads.

In the high-stakes world of criminal defense, this approach has elevated the firm’s client acquisition, proving the power of SMS and being easy to work with is a winning combination.

The law firm’s results of using Leadferno:

  • 46.3% increase in website leads
  • 200+ leads in the first 6 months
  • Improved response times
  • Zero missed or dropped leads

Leadferno has clearly provided the evidence that our conversion and texting app make a giant difference to capture and close leads.

Better lead management and faster replies

Firm partner and attorney Jay Rooth wanted to improve the firm’s lead management and response times. This goal led him and partner Andrew Moses to discover Leadferno.

We were looking to improve the management of leads. The leads were being forwarded to Partners and then others were not informed when the lead was contacted.

We were doing double work having multiple partners responding to the same lead and sometimes one would assume other partner responded and we missed that lead.

Jay Rooth

The firm also knew that leads heading into email was causing problems. For many small businesses, email inboxes are too busy, clogged, and not built to keep leads top of mind.

Leads were also getting burried in email, making it difficult to follow up.

Jay Rooth

Conversion improves with text messaging

Adding Leadferno to the firm’s website has increased their conversion rate. Now prospects have an easy communication channel to engage and ask questions with 2-way SMS. The Leadferno Leadbox also allows them to offer contact options of requesting a call, click-to-call, and using a contact from.

SMS leads for law firms

Attorney and Partner Jay Rooth strongly feels that SMS is a needed option for today’s consumer. It’s not a nice to have anymore, but a must.

Our conversion rate is so much better than our outdated ‘contact form’ which was then emailed to us. Offering text messaging is a big win.

Businesses have to offer all forms of communication to their potential client. Everyone has a preference and you cannot lose a lead because you don’t offer a contact option that makes them comfortable. Its like telling a customer that you only offer payment in cash.

Jay Rooth

Leads are no longer lost or forgotten

With all of the effort and investment to gain great search rankings on Google, ad placement, and acquire website visitors, the last thing you want to do is drop an active lead. But missing leads happens for most businesses due to gaps in their process and tools.

The combination of Leadferno’s notifications, shared Inbox, and lead assignment ensure the law firm isn’t missing any leads, replies, or opportuntiies.

When we receive a new lead everyone on the team receives a pop up notification on the cell phone. When a response is made or the lead is assigned, the team is notified.

We are no longer ’assuming’ someone else responded.

Jay Rooth

A feature to ensure lead management: Transfers

Leadferno is packed with features to improve lead management and communication. The one feature that Moses & Rooth rave about above others is the ability to assign leads to team members and transfer that ownership when needed. This ensures leads are always “owned” and that hand-offs are smooth so leads are never dropped.

lead management
Easily transfer leads to other team members

The ability to transfer a lead to anyone on the team and have them get an instant notification that it’s assigned to them is huge. As a main Partner in the firm, I can simply press a transfer lead button and assign the lead to one of the other attorneys in the firm.

No more assuming someone else is handling the lead. This eliminates lost leads and wasted time and money.

Jay Rooth

“With Leadferno, leads are leading to clients”

Those aren’t our words, that’s attorney and firm partner Jay Rooth summarizing the impact Leadferno has had for their criminal defense law firm. The quantity of leads are up, the firm’s response time is down, zero leads are forgotten or burried, and it’s due in large part to one solution – Leadferno.

Leadferno allows any law firm to manage all of these leads in one place, with a feature set built for lead management:

  • Website leads
  • SMS/text leads
  • Google Local Service Ad messaging leads
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google’s Business Messages

If your law firm is looking to boost conversion, improve communication, and master lead management, download and read the full case study from Moses and Rooth and then schedule your demo today.

law firm case study on conversion


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