Case Study: Moving Company Gets More Leads & Faster Response Times With SMS

Einstein Moving Company uses Leadferno and texting to capture over 600 leads and reply to them faster than ever before.

By: Aaron Weiche - Jan 8
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In the bustling business of box-laden trucks and never-ending bubble wrap, Einstein Moving Company discovered their phone lines could be more jam-packed than a college student’s hatchback on moving day.

They needed a superior solution for prospects to connect with them. That solution needed to be easy, fast, and help them book more moves across their 10 locations serving Florida and Texas.

This case study looks at how Einstein Moving Company has used Leadferno and SMS to capture more leads, improve response times, and power productivity for their sales team.

In the last 12 months Einstein has:

  • Captured 675 leads through Leadferno
  • Improved their first response time to new leads to under 10 minutes
  • Efficiently managed over 75,000 text messages

The combination of text messaging and conversion tools from Leadferno has Einstein packed and ready for more moves and continued success.

Texting expands communication for more leads and faster service

Growing businesses end up facing many decisions regarding efficiency. The real balance can be between staff efficiency and the customers connivence. So when you make a decision that is a win-win, that’s huge.

amanda ware moving company

Einstein Moving Company’s Amanda Ware, Customer Experience Manager, shared that they needed to expand their communication bandwidth, especially with new leads and customers.

Text messaging using Leadferno became that win-win Einstein was looking for.

We were looking for another avenue for our customers to reach us quickly. The idea was to help customers who may browse our website but would be more likely to communicate with us through text rather than a phone call to start the process of building an estimate or booking a move.

Amanda Ware

Einstein Moving has an winning track record of winning with fast and simple service at an exceptional level. If they were going to add a communication channel for prospects and customers, it needed to not just fit their commitment to this, but grow it.

The Einstein Moving team shared that Leadferno has done just that.

Leadferno is a clever way to communicate with our customers who may not readily be available for a phone conversation just yet. Customers can get information across and keep us handy, and in the background as they bustle about their day.

It’s also nice for them to be able to ask very simple questions with texting that can be answered quickly with one or two sentences.

Einstein Moving team

Being easy to work with is key, so much so that we at Leadferno feel it’s the new golden rule of business. We take that to heart making sure that getting set-up and started with Leadferno is as easy as possible.

The Einstein team felt that ease in getting started with their new texting solution.

Setting up and learning how to use Leadferno was pretty straightforward, about a 30-minute tutorial. We then spent time planning out our specific approach to it, and how we were going to utilize it, and keep the leads organized on our end.

Einstein Moving team

SMS boosts conversion, leads, and has faster response times

Einstein Moving saw an increase in their website conversion getting leads after adding text messaging right from their website with Leadferno’s Leadbox. The always visible call-to-action buttons offer texting as an easy way to ask questions and get a moving quote.

web to text widget
The Leadbox is a web-to-text widget that enables texting from a website and other conversion options to capture more leads

Text messaging has been a key addition as it not only added bandwidth to Einstein’s lead funnel, but it gave them a faster way to reply to leads. SMS can handle more volume than phone calls and has massive speed advantages over emails. SMS is 90 times faster than email replies on average.

I think it’s super important for businesses to offer text messaging because emails are a longer back and forth process … if they even get responded to at all by the customer.

It’s pretty common for a conversation to take days to resolve vs just hours or even minutes with text messaging. More and more customers are wanting to text rather than use the phone as well, so this keeps us competitive.

Amanda Ware

Lead management done right

Leadferno allows the sales team for Einstein Moving to manage leads and communication in a centralized platform. The lead management features of the platform boost productivity of the sales team. The ability to schedule messages, use reply templates (Shortcuts), transfer conversations to other team members, tag conversations, and more all combine for high-powered lead management.

The team really appreciates the Reminder feature that allows them to never miss a follow-up with a lead.

The ‘set reminder’ feature is very useful, that one helps out a lot. Without it, it’s easy to forget to follow-up at a specific time. Also the “Me” filter in the Inbox makes it easier to track all of the leads you’re working on.

Einstein Moving team
sales leas reminders
Reminders move a conversation to the top of your Inbox, in green, and send a push notification to take action

With a sales team of eight, all remote, the Leadferno platform makes communication easy, collaborative, and swift to respond to leads and book moves.

Leadferno has integrated well with our current processes. The shared inbox is easy to manage and collaborate. All of our team members are remote, so they do not work in the same office. We have had an easy time communicating the assignments and keeping a quick response time.

Amanda Ware

Leadferno was the right move for Einstein Moving Company

In an industry and business environment that favors efficiency and customer experience, Einstein Moving Company is mastering these challenges. Adding SMS as a lead channel to their website, and other Leadferno conversion tools, has checked all of the boxes for a better experience for their customer while helping their team do more in less time.

moving company staff

Not only is Einstein Moving a top mover in their markets, they are a first mover in identifying and adopting better tools and processes. Leadferno is excited to continue to be part of their growth and success.

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