Case Study: Realtor Finds The Key To 240% Increase In Leads

The Cari McGee Real Estate Team uses Leadferno to boost website leads by 240%.

By: Aaron Weiche - Feb 28
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In real estate, where the ability to swiftly connect and resonate with prospects can make or break a deal, Realtor/Broker Cari McGee has cracked the code by turning to a tool as ubiquitous as it is underestimated: text messaging.

The result? A thriving real estate business where buyers and sellers are easily connected to a real estate expert to lead the way.

This case study looks at how The Cari McGee Real Estate Team has used Leadferno and SMS to capture more leads, improve response times, and better connect with their clients.

The results in using Leadferno are:

  • 240% increase in website leads, year over year
  • $58,000 in gross commission from SMS leads
  • 77.4% of new leads replied to in under 30 minutes

Leadferno was the key to conversion focused calls-to-action to every page of the website, including MLS listings, and a feature set to make SMS communication fast and effortless.

Focusing on website conversion

The Cari McGee Real Estate Team has invested in their website and digital marketing consistently as they have been blogging since 2006 and also offer MLS listings on the site. The website ranks well in Google, offers valuable real estate content, and has achieved authority in the area they serve.

Realtor/Broker Cari McGee celebrates her 20th year in real estate

With solid search rankings and steady traffic to the website, Cari wanted to make sure they were connecting with their website visitors in any way possible to convert them to leads.

The problem was getting them to contact me. I’m sure a lot of those visitors had questions about a blog post they read or the latest housing market stats, but not many of them would take the extra time to find our Contact Us page and send in a question, or grab their phone and call for info.So the big challenge was how do we make a connection and capture more leads.

Cari McGee

The addition of the Leadferno Leadbox, a web to text widget, was an instant success by adding a call to action (CTA) on every page. The team took note as leads hit their Inbox.

It was almost instantaneous that people started contacting us through the Leadferno widget. I don’t remember the exact number, but I remember that first week there was a lot of “We got another Leadferno lead!” We all agreed right away that this was a great new tool for our business.

Cari McGee

The Leadbox provided a well designed CTA that marketed texting as an option to ask questions and social proof by display the teams 140+ 5 star reviews. Letting website visitors know there was a real estate expert “just a text away” increased website conversions and leads.

Making CTAs more visible, accessible, and helpful is a great way to increase conversions. The Leadbox allows you to customize a CTA that makes your business approachable, trusted, and text enabled.

Texting might be the future, but it’s the now too

A survey from Leadferno shows consumers prefer text messaging over email by almost double with texting at 37.6% compared to just 19.6% for email. Texting is preferred over phone calls as well.

text survey

SMS has moved from a “nice to have” to a must have for a business.

In today’s market, I think you’d be crazy to NOT give your customers and prospects an easy way to text you. Our phones are attached to us, but you can’t always make a call – and a lot of people don’t like making calls even when they can. We’ve had people of all ages text us through Leadferno. It’s not just millennials and younger people. That cliché doesn’t hold up anymore.

Cari McGee

Features to make doing business and connecting easier

Not only is it preferred by consumers, but businesses are now realizing the benefits and efficiency of texting over calls and email. Using a business texting solution like Leadferno offers a full suite of power user features, automations, reporting, security and more.

For The Cari McGee Real Estate team, the source link feature is one that stands out as it gives them instant context on why the prospect is reaching out by letting them know the page of the website they started texting from.

The source link feature lets you know what page the user is texting you from

I love being able to see what page the person is on when they used the Leadferno widget! It’s great to know – were they looking at homes for sale? Were they reading a blog post? Were they reading our client testimonials? It really helps to understand where the person is when they make that first contact.

Cari McGee

The results are increased website conversions and revenue

Adding Leadferno’s features to your website make you easier to work with for your prospects and customers. Increasing that ease, for prospects and your own team, impacts your outcomes in conversions and closed deals.

For the Cari McGee Real Estate Team is dramatically increased website leads and that led to them capturing tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions form closed deals that started from Leadferno.

In the first year that we were using Leadferno, we ended up with a 240% increase in website leads. And I can trace $58,000 in gross revenue to clients who first contacted us through the Leadferno widget. It paid for itself right away, and then some.

Cari McGee

Let Leadferno unlock your success

Real estate success depends on relationships and communication and Leadferno can unlock both of these to new levels. Adding better CTAs, SMS as a lead channel to their website, and other Leadferno conversion tools has made all the difference.

We’re excited to keep bringing home the results for Realtor/Broker Cari McGee and her team. If you are interested in getting results, get a demo or start a free trial of Leadferno today.

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