Digital Marketing Agencies Focus On ROI & Technology For 2023

CallRail released its 2023 outlook for digital marketing agencies. The findings align with what Leadferno brings as a conversion partner to your digital marketing agency.

By: Aaron Weiche - Jan 16
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2023 marketing agency report

The new year provides both reflection and a new vision for 2023. The annual digital marketing agency report from CallRail was released and looks at what trends, channels, opportunities, and challenges the over 600 agency professionals surveyed shared.

We read the report and couldn’t help but feel aligned with the essential aspects shared. With the goals of landing new clients and keeping your existing clients successful, two main areas stood out to us.

The ability to track and show you the return on investment (ROI) of marketing efforts and the tools and technology to help achieve those results.

Proving ROI is a top need for digital marketing agencies

The study brought forth some main takeaways. Optimism abounds with 98% feeling confident about their 2023 and 82% expecting their agencies to grow in the coming year.

Even with plenty of talk about an economic downturn or slowdown, many in the space understand that digital has some advantages in these times. One of which is the ability to track what’s working or adjust when marketing spend isn’t.

This is why the report showed that 85% believe that proving ROI to their clients is key to growing in 2023.

ROI stats for digital agencies

The right tracking and reporting of marketing performance are key to visualizing data to know what’s working, what to try next, and where to allocate the budget.

How Leadferno reports and drives ROI

There might not be a more important metric in marketing than leads generated. Not only does Leadferno improve conversion so you land more leads, but we track and report your lead and conversion activity.

The Lead Capture Report in our app tells you your messaging lead sources, engagement, action, and conversions. Report on your chosen date range and compare performance from the previous time period to the current one.

lead report

The Lead Capture Report lets you see how each page of your website is performing for conversion. It’s a great way to track lead conversion from your content marketing, SEO, and social media efforts driving traffic to your website.

On top of our internal report, we also offer an integration with Google Analytics (GA). Connecting Leadferno to Google Analytics allows you to track all Leadbox activity through events in GA.

📈 Our GA4 integration is here! Get a demo

The Leadbox records all impressions, click or touch events, and form inputs so that you can optimize and improve conversions. Use our Google Analytics integration to track and report on your ROI.

The Right Tools & Technology Drive Agency Success

The CallRail report highlighted that digital marketing agencies understand the importance in software tools and technology in their delivery of campaigns, services, and outcomes.

Agencies put investing in tools/technologies as one of their top areas of focus in 2023 along with business development.

marketing agency investments 2023

Agencies put great value in the right software tools to accomplish their marketing and ROI goals. Their clients do too.

45% in the survey agree that tools of one of the top 3 reasons clients choose to work with them and 80% say keeping on tool and technology trends is essential to their business.

agency tools and tech

Conversion and business texting software is needed

As the report outlines the importance of software tools for digital marketing agencies, let’s look at 3 main reasons why Leadferno should be added to an agency’s marketing tech stack.

1- A gap in conversion. Most agencies employ a number of software tools and technologies across their offering in SEO, local SEO, content marketing, CRMs, and social media. Software focused on conversion? That’s likely zero.

With so much investment and tools tied up at the top of the funnel, agencies need to make sure they are squeezing the most from the bottom of the funnel in conversion and leads. Leadferno powers conversion on every page of your website and key platforms.

Compare that to the static and possibly outdated conversion tactic of just a web form and you can see a big opportunity to increase conversion.

conversion CTA
The Leadbox places conversion buttons on the screen at all times on all pages

2- 2-way messaging channels are moving to must-haves. Communication channels are expanding. Surveys have shown that consumers want to text and message brands and businesses. One survey showed that 89% of consumers want to 2-way message.

Leadferno helps you add 2-way text messaging as well as integrates to manage Facebook Messenger and Google’s Business Messages in one app. Leadferno gives you a real-time lead channel.

3- Customer experience is everything. Great businesses master delivering a great customer experience. Communication and being easy to work with are two main pillars of this and Leadferno makes that happen.

From the start of the experience and through the entire cycle, texting and messaging drive delightful outcomes. It’s perfect for quick communication, questions, answers, reminders, links, photos, requesting feedback, reviews, and more.

BONUS – Data Security. As texting has grown, many of your team might be texting with customers from their personal texting apps on their phones. This isn’t good for your data security.

In using a business texting app like Leadferno you centralize and secure your customer communications and data, control access, and sync with your CRMs and other customer software.

Growing your agency in 2023

Most agencies had a strong 2022 and we’re wishing you the best to grow in 2023. We think this CallRail report is helpful to see what your peers are seeing in the market for challenges, opportunities, and areas of focus this year.

If you are looking to bolster your software toolset for conversion and ROI tracking and reporting with your clients, let’s talk. Our Partner Progam is specifically designed for how we work with digital marketing agencies and web designers.


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