Business Texting App From Leadferno Released

Leadferno is excited to announce the launch of our apps for iOS and Android phones. Our business texting app makes SMS for your business easier, faster, scalable and secure.

By: Aaron Weiche - Jan 12
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Texting with your prospects and customers just got even better with the release of our mobile apps. The ability to “win right now” and communicate efficiently with Leadferno’s powerful business texting feature set is now on your iPhone and Android phone.

The ability and option to use our web app and mobile app puts you in control anytime, anywhere to work how you work best. No matter the device you are working from, your conversations are synced and accessible.

Focused On Being The Best Small Business Texting App

From the start our goal has been to enable SMS, messaging and better communication with your customers. Our mobile app is laser focused on making this interaction as easy as the messaging apps you are used to, but far more powerful with features built for small businesses.

  • Shared Inbox
  • Push notifications
  • Shortcuts for saved replies, answers, links and info you use repeatedly
  • Reminders to resurface conversations at needed dates and times
  • Transfers to move full conversations to the team member best suited to help
  • Send photos and files
  • Add internal notes to message threads
  • Contacts list your prospects and customers

Notifications For Instant Alerts

Push notifications from the Leadferno app keep you on top of important leads, replies, reminders and more. Our push notifications put you in the flow of the conversation to best respond and help your customers and prospects.

app notifications

Secure Your Text Messaging & Customer Data

In the age of BYOD (bring your own device) many businesses have staff texting with customers from their own phones and SMS app. This is a big gap in security and data protection for businesses as your customer’s contact info and conversations are all out of your reach and control.

Using Leadferno as your business texting app, you have the ability to centralize your text messaging in an app you can control and manage. The security advantages are massive compared to an employees personal phone messaging app:

  • Centralized data that is encrypted in one app and user account
  • Centralized contacts and the ability to sync with your CRM
  • The ability to manage users, adding and removing as needed
  • Full conversation history for compliance and review

Download The Leadferno App

If you already have an account with Leadferno, head to your app store and download it. We will continue to add new features and updates to the app.

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Google play store


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