Revolutionizing Conversion: Our Year in Review of Business Texting & Lead Solutions

Here's a recap of the features and improvements we made to Leadferno in 2023. New additions, both big and small, in conversion and text messaging to make a difference for your business.

By: Aaron Weiche - Dec 18
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2023 business texting review

Hard to believe that 2023 is coming to a close. For us, it wraps our second full year to market, we doubled in size of customers and users. We sincerely thank you for you support. We had a blast helping businesses win right now with business text messaging for better conversion, more leads, more sales, and better communication.

Maybe our list of 2023 feature additions is just as exciting as your Spotify Unwrapped (No Taylor Swift for me, but plenty of old school hip-hop 😊 ), we’re incredibly proud of everything we added to Leadferno these past 12 months to make your business easy to work with.

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Here is the “nice list” of our year in review as we keep working every day to make business texting and messaging the best way to connect with your prospects and customers. We can’t wait to deliver more for you in 2024 with some very big plans you’ll be hearing about soon.

Features added to Leadferno in 2023

Call request

First and foremost Leadferno is about conversions and starting conversations with prospects. We created our Call Request feature as one more way a prospect can start to communicate with you.

Using Channels in the Leadbox, website visitors can request a call from you business, the daypart they want to be called, and tell you why they want your call. We not only capture this request to be called but send them an auto reply text message confirming the request and offering help over SMS as well.

request a call

This is a great conversion option to add to your website to meet the needs of “call first” prospects and also convert them to to a text conversation that might be more manageable for your business.

Google Analytics 4 integration

Google transitioned from Universal Analytics to GA4 this year and so did we. Our updated integration allows your business to track events and conversions in GA4.

GA4 conversions
You can create new conversion events from Admin > Conversions in GA4

The most common action is to make the “leadbox_lead” event that fires when a text message lead or Call Request lead is sent and mark it as a conversion for your tracking and reporting.


Organize, segment, and power lead management workflows with Tags. This feature is lightweight but incredibly valuable. Tags have the flexibility to enhance your sales and service processes, team communication, and organization.

Tags can be used a number of ways with different purposes and functions. Create and use the Tags that benefit your team, departments, business, and reporting.

Zapier New Tag trigger

This feature combined with the release of Tags and creates a new Trigger in our Zapier app to start an automation when a new or specific tag is added to a lead. It was also our first “instant tag” meaning it will start the automation immediately instead of a timing interval.

zapier hubspot integration with Leadferno

While this new Zapier trigger has many use cases, the most requested was being able to qualify a lead in Leadferno and then send the qualified lead to your CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc). Leadferno has 13 triggers and actions in our Zapier app making automations and intregrations with other software you use easy and powerful.

Performance report

Our reporting capabilities gained a massive increase with the launch of the Performance Report. While our Lead Capture report covers your quantity of leads, the Performance Report focuses on quality.

Track and report on:

  • Open Leads – the number of current open leads in your account (last day of the report)
  • Messages Sent – total number of messages sent in the report time frame
  • Avg. 1st Reply Time – average time to first reply to a new lead from a team member (not the auto reply)
  • Avg. Reply Time – average time of all reply messages from your team
  • Total Resolution Time – average time of leads from new to closed
speed to lead report

You not only get this important “speed to lead” data for your account, but a breakdown of each users individual performance. Track and improve your sales team’s engagement with leads.

Search and advanced filters

If you are looking for a specific conversation or wanting to view conversation only on a specific service, search and advanced filters can make this happen. You can keyword search or filter conversations by state, assignee, has reminder, has schedule message, tags, sent my, channel, and more.

search and filter leads

Search and advanced filters (icon in search bar) is only available in the web app, located in the top bar.

Profile notifications and transfers

Profiles allow your Leadferno account to have multiple Inboxes in one account. Their common use cases are for businesses with multiple locations or wanting to segment conversations, customers or users by department (sales, service, delivery, etc.).

notifications and transfer leads
Profile notifications (left) and transferring leads between profiles (right)

Notifications can now alert you to which profile (dot in Profile switcher) has the new lead, reply, or reminder and you can transfer a lead between profiles. So if you have a lead that is an existing customer needing service, or they contacted the wrong location, you can transfer them to the proper profile or even assign them to a specific team member.

Open leadbox link

A popular customer request we fulfilled was the ability to open the Leadbox from other on-page calls to action (CTAs) like buttons and links. Use of our options to enable links or buttons in your website content to trigger the Leadbox to open.

Additional Leadferno features

In addition to the highlighted features above, many other additions and enhancements were added to both our web and mobile apps in 2023. Some of them you might have noticed are:

  • Improved contacts search
  • Contacts export to .CSV
  • Multi-language Leadbox in Spanish and French
  • Deactivate an account user
  • Biometric sign-in on mobile app, Face ID and fingerprint
  • Thread interface and status updates
  • Print images directly from detail modal view

These features along with constant maintenance updates, bug fixes, version upgrades, and more complete a very successful year. Adding more value to Leadferno is awesome, but we stay focused on keeping our apps easy and intuitive to use.

Plans for 2024

The team is very excited to get to work on our plans for the upcoming year.

Our roadmap will continue to be true to our mission to create conversations at speed between you and your customers. The plan is to add ways to boost conversion further by creating more conversations and opportunity for your business to grow.

Our 2024 also includes plans to use AI to improve the efficiency your team can work at as we scale 1:1 connections to incredible levels.

The entire team at Leadferno knows we are lucky to partner with you and your business to capture more leads and keep you closely connected to your customers. We’re excited to embark on another calendar year of success, both yours and ours. We truly wish you the best for 2024.


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