Text Messaging For Moving Companies

Move your moving company forward with text messaging software that generates more moving quotes, schedules more moves, improves efficiency and makes your customers happy.

By: Aaron Weiche - Nov 8
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Text messaging can make a huge impact for your moving company across multiple facets. For your prospects and customers, SMS brings a more personal, fast and easy communication channel to ask questions, book their move and get updates on the process.

For your company, a text messaging solution can bring wins in team efficiency, communication, security and hiring that helps you work smarter to grow your business.

More Moving Quotes & Booked Moves

It’s a simple rule to follow, make something easier and it will happen more often. When you are able to offer your prospects and easy way to ask their initial questions, you will get more of them and the opportunity to answer and land their business.

Text Chats Right From Your Website

Our Leadbox gives you the ability for website visitors to ask questions via text messaging right from your website. Consumers continue to desire texting as a way to communicate with businesses, as 78% of consumers wish they could text a business. Bringing this messaging channel to your website will help start more conversations that your team can interact with and turn into closed moving appointments.

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Support Your Sales Process

Once you get the conversation started with a prospect, it’s up to you or them on where it continues. While some prospects might be best getting on a phone call, others will prefer to keep texting to book their move.

Having text messaging as an option will make your prospect happier as they have a choice to keep it a SMS conversation or move to another channel like email or phone to wrap up the details.

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Sending a prospect your free moving quote form by text makes the process easier for them than hunting it down. And now they also have an easy channel to ask questions if something on the estimate form is confusing.

The bottom line is by giving your prospects and customers a choice, you are meeting and exceeding their expectations and increasing the chance of a happy customer.

Keep Customers Updated With Texts

When your customers are informed with the latest information on your moving service and timing, they are happy. Nobody likes to guess or spend the effort to ask for these updates. Using text messages to keep your customers updated on moving dates, timing and delivery details is a must for a great customer experience.

Text updates and reminders your moving company can send:

  • Moving date confirmation
  • Timing reminders
  • Same day schedule updates – team/truck in route
  • Upsells like more boxes or moving supplies
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Constant and accurate communication with your customers leads to great moving experiences. These great experiences lead to word of mouth referrals and 5-star online reviews, which you can request via text as well and we’ll cover this later.

Move your communication forward. 🚚  See how text messaging can boost your sales, service and online reviews. 

Team Communication & Efficiency

Brining in text messaging software to your company can greatly improve efficiency with you staff. Your sales and support staff can handle multiple conversations at once versus being tied up on just one phone call. With a text solution you can also transfer conversations from team member to team member to best route the customer.

Another benefit is being able to update your team when out in the field. Keeping staff update on timing and other details improves communication and outcomes.

Security Of Your Business Data

While you might think data security just isn’t that high for a moving company, it is. The most important aspect is the security that customer conversations, sales leads and contacts stay within your organizations control and not on the employee’s phone.

By using text messaging software like Leadferno you are keeping control and securing your customer data. In the “bring your own device” to work world we work in now, you need to secure your customer data, internal communication records and mange your teams access.

Hiring & Staffing Movers

Hiring is hard in today’s job market, you need to make it as easy as possible with text in your hiring process. Offering texting for potential job candidates to ask questions and apply via their phone is a must.

Once the process is started it allows you to maintain a personal line of communication with the applicant, interview reminders, process completion and onboard them if it’s the right fit.

Follow-up, Feedback & Asking For Reviews

One the move is complete, you can use texting to follow-up and make sure the customer was satisfied with your service. If not, you have the ability to make things right before they might go an write an average or negative online review.

Your businesses might use a survey solution or reputation management software. The links to those surveys or review processes can be shared with your customer from the same number you have been talking with them all along. This makes for an easy way to capture the customer’s experience so you can improve or use their delight to acquire more reviews.

Movers review with text

The Google review above for Portland Movers Ready shows that this customer was not only excited about their 5-star experience, but specifically cited they loved being able to communicate through text. So not only can it make capturing reviews easier, texting contributes to responsive communication that customers love. Text messaging can generate more reviews for your business in multiple ways.


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