Tracking Text Leads With Google Analytics 4

Leadferno integrates with Google Analytics 4 so you can use event tracking for your text leads and other Leadbox calls-to-action.

By: Joel Headley - Jan 28
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Tracking and reporting on your website traffic is important. It’s why so many websites use Google Analytics to capture and surface how traffic arrives, behaves and converts. Leadferno’s focus is to help convert more of your website traffic into leads using text messaging and business messaging.

To capture this data, we enable you to integrate Leadferno with Google Analytics to track your text leads along with your other call to actions through Leadferno.

Our team worked with Google Analytics expert and owner of Kick Point agency Dana DiTomaso to ensure we built a solid solution for tracking text leads and more.

Dana echoed our goals with this feature by sharing “Tracking how website visitors engage with your Leadferno widget is an important part of understanding its contribution to your overall business success. Otherwise you’re just guessing! Our clients really appreciate being able to see right away what impact Leadferno is having on their conversion rate.”

Event Tracking With Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Our Leadbox, a powerful web-to-text widget, is built so that savvy marketers can convert more traffic to leads on their websites. Connecting Google Analytics informs you on what digital marketing strategies and tactics are working online to produce leads.

While we have offered this integration using universal analytics, we have now released our addition of Google Analytics 4 in our integration.

The Leadbox records all impressions, click or touch events, and form inputs so that you can optimize and improve conversions. To activate this feature, go to the Integrations page from the top right account menu and then select the Google Analytics integration and complete the needed fields.

We still support universal analytics as well as the new GA4. Google has stated June 1st, 2023 for Universal Analytics to be sunset.


For GA4 you will need to add your account’s measurement ID and API secret. Here is how to find these in your account.

google analytics 4 settings

Once activated, Google Analytics events record the Leadbox loading and any actions. 

For example, when the website loads and displays the Leadbox, the Leadbox will record an impression.

Interaction with the Leadbox options is all recorded too. When someone interacts with a button or form field, that’s a recorded event along with any error messages that may result from an incomplete form, for example, when no phone number is submitted. 

You can read more about Leadbox metrics and events in our Help Center.

These Google Analytics 4 events are used to improve the effectiveness of the Leadbox and they’re also displayed in the product so you can understand your prospect funnel better. Below is an example of the Leadbox actions and event labels you will see in your Google Analytics 4 account.

ga4 events
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Lead Tracking For Digital Marketing Agencies

Tracking and reporting are extremely important for agencies and SEO strategists with their clients. Using Leadferno’s Google Analytics integration brings this valuable data into your reports allowing you to uncover wins, challenges, and opportunities.

Conversion Tracking With GA4 and Leadferno

Conversions are your most important events, this replaces “goals” in Universal Analytics. By designating an event as a conversion, you facilitate attribution reporting and postback capacity for that event. The core base of Google Analytics 4 is that everything is now an event. Page loads, scrolling, first visit, etc.

So if you want to configure conversions, you first must configure event tracking in Google Analytics. Then you will need to instruct GA4 that some events are more important than others.

ga4 conversions
You can create new conversion events from Admin > Conversions in GA4

We won’t dive into every last detail but there are a few different ways to create conversions from pre-defined conversions, conversions that you can manually turn on, and creating events that you can mark as conversions.

Call tracking & the Leadbox

In addition to the data we can bring into Google Analytics, you can also use call tracking tools such as CallRail and Call Tracking Metrics. When you add a custom Call Channel to your Leadbox, users can click or tap to call the business right from the Leadbox.

You can enable call tracking by adding your tracking script to the channel details. This allows you to unlock all the features of your call tracking provider like dynamic number insertion and call recording.

call tracking code

Between our Google Analytics integration, popular call tracking tools, and our Lead Capture Report, you can give your client a clear picture of their lead data, text leads, and performance.

Increasing Leads And Conversions

Some key insights with our initial customers using the Leadbox on their website show that 45% of website visitors mouse over the Leadbox calls-to action.

leads won

Awareness that you’re available to contact is key for visitors to start communicating with you. Leadferno’s floating CTAs make that happen.

The conversion performance of the Leadbox is strong as well.

Over 20% of visitors that open the Leadbox ultimately send a text message to the business. And for those text messages, 45% of them are resulting in leads that are marked as won.

lead funnel statistics

We’re are hyper-focused on conversion and the lead capture performance on your website. The Leadbox is a fantastic tool for businesses to convert website visitors into customers and tracking your leads with Google Analytics is the ultimate combination.


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