Pre-qualify Sales Leads To Your CRM

Use SMS to pre-qualify your leads for benefits across your company's sales process and performance.

By: Aaron Weiche - Sep 17
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pre-qualify sales leads

Pre-qualifying sales leads allows your team and business to work smarter, not harder. It ensures that efforts are directed where they are most likely to yield results, leading to increased sales and profitability.

Your sales team or support staff can use Leadferno for pre-qualifying website leads and automating the sending of qualified leads to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or other sales sales tools.

Benefits of pre-qualifying sales leads

Pre-qualifying leads before entering them into a CRM is a practice adopted by many sales professionals for several compelling reasons, but here are the main ones.

Efficiency and Time Management

Your time and your team’s time is valuable. By pre-qualifying leads, sales teams can focus on prospects who are more likely to convert, rather than spending time on those who aren’t a good fit for the product or service.

Higher Conversion Rates

When a salesperson focuses on pre-qualified leads, they’re working with prospects more likely to make a purchase. This can lead to higher conversion rates, which in turn boosts sales performance.

Improved Data Quality

A CRM filled with unqualified leads can become cluttered and difficult to navigate. By ensuring only pre-qualified leads enter the system, the data quality remains high, making it easier to analyze and derive insights.

Better Forecasting

With a focus on pre-qualified leads, sales forecasting becomes more accurate. This helps in sales planning and strategy development for both the short and long term.

sales forecasting

Enhanced Customer Experience

When salespeople target pre-qualified leads, they can tailor their approach to the specific needs and preferences of those prospects. This personalization can lead to a better sales process and overall customer experience.

5-star review

The customer’s experience from your first touch point, through the sales process and then service or delivery is what drives 5-star online reviews. These reviews help drive more leads and prospects. It’s a continuous loop of success.

How to pre-qualify a lead

The pre-qualifying process is based on asking questions. The right questions get you the base information you need to establish the fit and needs of your lead.

Using SMS for pre-qualifying makes the process quick and smooth for the prospect and the business.

The questions you need to ask in your process will vary based on the product and service you deliver, but they are often versions of these core questions.

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What is the timing of your decision?
  • Who is making the decision?
  • What is the budget?

Variations of these questions help determine the prospects need, timing, and budget. When done the right way it leaves the prospect feeling your process is personalized, detailed, and mature. It’s already building the seeds of trust needed for a close and sale.

Using Leadferno for the process reduces the effort needed from your staff to pre-qualify the lead. Using Shortcuts, you can create and use saved templates of questions to ask them using text messages in just a tap/click from the app. This saves the time of typing and makes sure your team is asking the right questions consistently.

presales questions

These saved reply templates can be edited too, making personalization easy. There is no doubt a business text messaging app can streamline your lead and qualifying process.

How to automate pre-qualified leads to your CRM

When you use Leadferno to pre-qualify leads, you can work with high efficiency to ask questions and automate the lead to your CRM.

When a new lead comes into Leadferno, you can ask your questions to qualify the lead. Once your criteria for a qualified lead is met, you can use our Tag feature to tag that lead as such. This tag could be “lead”, “qualified”, or any other term your process desires.

Combining our Tag feature with using Zapier and our instant New Tag trigger, you can easily use Leadferno to qualify a lead, then apply a tag that will automate that lead into your CRM. Let’s take a look.

You need a Zapier account and then will complete the following main steps. There are details to complete in each step depending on your set-up, CRM and desired preferences.

  1. Create a new Zap in your Zapier account.
  2. Search and select the Leadferno app for your Trigger
  3. Select the New Tag trigger and complete the needed fields
  4. Select your Action app … this would be your CRM (Pipedrive is our CRM example)
  5. Select the Action which would be to create a new lead, contact, etc. depending your CRM and complete the fields needed.
  6. You likely want just one specific Tag when applied to trigger the automation, so you will create a step in between Leadferno and your CRM using the Zapier Filter app.
  7. Set the filter to “only continue if” using the Tags Label from Leadferno, then “(Text) is in” with the name of the tag in the field. So you might use “lead”, “prospect” or “qualified” for this tag and automation. You decide.
lead automation zapier

If you don’t add the Filter step, any tag applied in Leadferno would start the automation. Using the filter as outlined will only fire the trigger for one specific tag. You could of course add more than one tag label too.

Other automations with Tags

In addition to automating leads into your CRM, you can also pre-qualify any conversation in Leadferno and then route it for attention, communication, or your sales process. A couple examples might be sending texts tagged with “support” or “help” to your support or ticketing software. You can also send a text needing support to Slack so someone there can pick up the issue.

lead automation

If your team isn’t using a CRM, but works from a Google Sheet, you can send leads as new rows in the Google sheet. The automations you can set-up for improved workflows are truly endless.

Pre-qualify leads to work smarter not harder

Taking the time up front to qualify your leads offers many benefits throughout your sales process at every additional step. Using Leadferno to pre-qualify leads from:

  • Website leads
  • Direct text messages
  • Messages from Facebook Messenger
  • Message from Google Business Messages and
  • Call Requests

This can have an impact on your efficiency, conversion, and sales performance.

Automating the steps as we have outlined with Tags and Zapier brings your team even more efficiency so you can win right now.


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